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Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940)



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When a member of a cruise party assaults a friend of Charlie Chan's, the Chinese detective joins the group to find out which one. His number two son, Jimmy Chan, is both a help and hindrance, as usual. Some good detective work and a cast of suspects unusually easy to grasp and relate to make this a fine entry in the long running series. Unfortunately, the film is marred by a gratuitously spooky, overly theatrical couple who say things like "Death is among us!" during dramatic pauses. Fortunately, their screen time is slight.

As a trivia note, this episode features an appearance by Chan's number seven son, Willie, in the film's humorous opening scene. The same character appeared in a Chan film two years earlier, in Charlie Chan In Honolulu -- but there he was referred to as Chan's number five son. Oops.

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