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Charlie Chan At Monte Carlo (1937)



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"Interruption, please."

Suspicious activity involving a million dollars' worth of bonds may have a lot to do with a pair of murders. Charlie Chan and his number one son, visiting Monte Carlo this time around (if the title didn't give it away), crack the case in the usual fashion. French accents and the mangling of both the French and English languages are a running gag in this particularly humorous episode.

"The eyes -- all night long they have not shut up. I a very depressing."

This was Warner Oland's last appearance as Charlie Chan. The following year, he died of pneumonia. Sidney Toler filled the vacated role for future series entries, but while Toler did a fine job, Oland remains to this day the definitive Charlie Chan. His distinguished, congenial manner endeared him to the audience, but we also knew -- and believed -- that killers were never the better for Chan on the case.

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