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Hercules (1958)

(aka: Labors of Hercules)



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Although as of this writing I haven't seen close to the number of Hercules films that have been over the years, mostly in Italy (sand epics like this are staples of Italian filmmaking), from what I gather this is the best of the bunch (not counting Disney's animated version). Even this film isn't much favored, and I'm not going to go against the tide on this one. This is the dullest, most confusing version of this story -- the story of Jason and the golden fleece told from Hercules' point of view and with him as the hero -- that I've ever seen. It takes too much work to try to figure out what's going on; I was glad I was already familiar with the story so I wouldn't have to struggle with it too much.

Most of the movie is arduous to plod through, but there's a great laugh at its expense early on involving an archery contest.

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