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The Lost Tribe (1949)



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The second episode in the Jungle Jim series is no more or less than the first. If you've seen one episode, you know what to expect with this one.

The pacing is mildly improved from the first episode, in which individual sequences drag on interminably. But the story is no better: again, greedy white men are after the treasures of lost civilizations, and again Jungle Jim must fight rubber crocodiles to stop them. There is a lot of irrelevant wrestling with rubber animals in this movie, which is just as well because it's the only thing our hero ever manages to accomplish. All the other active things done on the "goodguy" side are done by animals -- gorillas, birds, lions, and so forth -- who rescue everybody and defeat the badguys. And the dialogue continues to be corny. At one point, our hero is actually introduced as "Jim. Jungle Jim." This was years before Bond, so it's not parody, but didn't anybody figure out that this was going to induce some unintentional laughter?

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