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Mark of the Gorilla (1950)



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There is one aspect of Mark of the Gorilla, the third of sixteen low budget Jungle Jim adventures, that intrigues me. The plot hinges on a guy in a gorilla suit being mistaken for a real gorilla. It would be very difficult to pull this off today, because a real gorilla would look like a real gorilla, and a guy in a gorilla suit would look like a guy in a gorilla suit, and who could believe the characters in the movie would mistake one for the other?

But here, it's perfectly believable, because the guys dressed up as gorillas look exactly like what the previous series entry, The Lost Tribe, presented as real gorillas. No wonder our hero can't tell them apart.

It's too bad the series didn't continue along these lines. Episode four could have hinged a great plot on a rubber snake being mistaken for a real one. In episode five, the characters could have uncovered a mysterious conspiracy plot when they realize they aren't in the jungle after all but actually on a sound stage in Hollywood.

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