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Batman Returns (1992)



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Tim Burton brings Batman to the screen a second time in a comparable film blemished by the same problems as the first: too many unfulfilling scenes that last too long. Again, the weakest scenes involve the main villain, this time the Pengiun, wonderfully portrayed by Danny DeVito. The end is one of the worst parts, where the Pengiun finally puts his evil plan in to action. Christopher Walken is adequate, and Michael Keaton is the best Batman, but Michelle Pfeiffer walks away with the picture with her portrayal of Catwoman. If there is one single reason to see this film, it's to see Pfeiffer's highly regarded yet still grossly underrated performance as the feline villain. As Selina Kyle, she is instantly convincing as an insecure secretary (assistant, that is) -- and as Catwoman, she talks, moves, and acts like she's been half-cat all her life. Expectedly, her scenes are the strongest, and her chemistry with Keaton's Batman is a delight to behold. As mentioned before, however, there are too many long dull scenes with the villains, too few scenes with Batman, and a finale that falls flat on its face.

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