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Batman Forever (1995)



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So far, the black sheep of the Batman series. Val Kilmer makes a hideous Batman and a worse Bruce Wayne. Nicole Kidman can't hold a candle to Kim Basinger or Michelle Pfeiffer as the, for lack of a better term, "Batman girl." And supervillains Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face and Jim Carrey as the Riddler compete with each other throughout to see who can turn in the worse performance. Jim Carrey is unstomachable until, for whatever reason, the last twenty minutes, where he finally acts more like the Riddler and less like Jim Carrey. As for Tommy Lee Jones, it took me half the movie before I realized he was even trying to portray two different characters. The script is silly, providing convincing motivation for virtually none of the characters, leaving the audience wondering why any of the story turned out the way it did. While I was never partial to Tim Burton's dark portrayal of Gotham City, new series director Joel Schumacher's Las Vegas style interpretation, with neon lights galore, is worse. The only character who comes out of this mess looking good is Chris O'Donnell's Robin who not only gives a good performance and has the best one-liner that pokes fun at the sixties series, but was graciously given, by the script, ample motivation for his actions. Robin aside, this is a frightful disappointment.

Guest Reviewer: Jim Prejsnar:

They should have worn more denim.

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