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Species II (1998)



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In this abysmal sequel that makes the original -- no great shakes itself -- look like it should have won a special Academy Award for Best Movie Ever, Species II has Natasha Henstridge playing Eve, a half-human, half-alien who was genetically engineered for study. Justin Lazard plays an astronaut who gets infected by sentient goo during a mission to Mars. The rest is pretty much the first movie all over again but without Ben Kingsley and with even less atmosphere. Tentacles skewer lots of people, and there's gore aplenty. It makes no logical sense -- sometimes a single gunshot will take out an alien; other times machine guns don't even help.

The interesting thing is that the original movie's incredibly stupid ending, which was just a cheap segue for a sequel, is completely ignored. Worse, this movie ends with a cheap segue for a third series entry. Should it ever get made, I can only assume it'll ignore this one, too.

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