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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)



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The killer in slasher movies like this always seems to have a bizarre fetishes. Before he kills his victims -- while they are creeping slowly from room to room wondering what that strange noise is -- he goes to great pains to move and remove objects like toothbrushes, closet doors, and dead bodies, just so his victims can get weirded out of their minds before getting cut up into pieces. We never see the killer at all, except in the obligatory shot where the camera zooms up to the victim's face while the killer, accompanied by a jump chord, zips across the doorway in the blurry background. It might be an interesting experiment to make a movie like this from the killer's point of view: surely the more interesting story here is not the victim's but the killer's. What great lengths he goes to to discharge his evil plans!

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is yet another uninspired, by-the-numbers "thriller." There isn't an original idea in sight. As in all these movies, one teenager after another bites it in some kind of gory fashion.

The "suspense" sequences are even more laughably transparent than usual, though. One has Jennifer Love Hewitt returning to a room where an envelope with her name on it has been mysteriously left. She has reason to believe it might be her stalker from the previous movie, because earlier she heard the violin music that signaled the appearance of his silhouette on the wall behind her. But...we already know that the person who left the note was a friend. So what's scary about it? (It turns out we're mistaken about which friend, but this isn't revealed until after we're already not scared.) This early scene, alas, sets the tone for the rest.

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