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Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster (1966)

(aka: Big Duel In the North Sea)



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I don't understand how this series endured for so long. True, a few have camp value, but how much of guys in rubber suits stomping buildings does one need?

Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster is one of the less interesting episodes in the series. The plot, if it matters, is about some teenagers that fall in with a thief and travel to an island where there's a nuclear plant and a giant crab and an inexplicable appearance by Mothra, and beats me what it all adds up to or why it matters what happens. I think the threat of the world blowing up was somewhere in there, but obviously Godzilla puts a stop to that by destroying just a part of it.

In evaluating such movies, it makes no sense to apply ordinary filmmaking standards: all I should be doing, pretty much, is determining whether the monster fights are fun and if they're worth weathering the other stuff for. No and no, respectively.

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