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Dudley Do-Right (1999)



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1997's George of the Jungle showed that, even if live-action adaptations of Jay Ward's brilliant accomplishments in animation couldn't live up to the source material, they could at least be entertaining. Dudley Do-Right proves the other extreme.

Even if the casting is a bit obvious, Brendan Fraser is a fine casting choice for the title role, and Alfred Molina, under other circumstances, probably would have been fine for his arch-nemesis, Snidely Whiplash. (Sarah Jessica Parker is miscast as Nell, but that's the least of this movie's problems.) Unfortunately, there's very little (and nothing, in this case) that a good cast can do with a script so abominable; I can't imagine even the stupidest executive read it before giving a greenlight.

There are no laughs in Dudley Do-Right. None. There is nothing even slightly amusing about it. It is agonizing to slog through. Avoid this floundering film like the plague and stick to the original cartoons.