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George of the Jungle (1997)



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Viewers disappointed with the live action Boris and Natasha from 1992 may be more pleased with this incarnation of another of Jay Ward's animated characters -- George of the Jungle. Brendan Fraser, an inspired casting choice, appropriately hams it up as the vine-swinger; in particular, he's got George's goofy, toothy grin down to a tee. Co-stars include Leslie Mann, who George falls in love with, and Thomas Haden Church, as her dense fiance. The non-human members of the cast include the ape named Ape, voiced by John Cleese, and Shep, the elephant who thinks he's a dog (brought to life with some uproarious computer animation). And, of course, there's the hard-voiced, wise-cracking narrator, who provided half the jokes for the original cartoons. Although there are a few too many body function gags, the movie is very funny and often clever.