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[2.2.7] Honeycomb Hotel

}Production of Honeycomb Hotel began in May 1999.  The initial idea for the
}game was simply some kind of grid-based game that would be played on a
}honeycomb-shaped board.  Hence, the working title was "Honeycomb," until the
}following month when "Honeycomb Hotel" was first adopted as the game's title.
}The development of Honeycomb Hotel broke new ground for Everett Kaser
}Software.  From June 1999 up to the game's release in October 1999, alpha
}versions of the game were released to the members of the Everett Kaser
}Software mailing list for comments and testing.  As many as twenty alpha
}releases were dispensed to the mailing list, averaging one per week.  As
}such, no beta version was ever released to the web site; by the time the game
}was nearing its final stages, it had already undergone much tweaking and

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