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The Everett Kaser Software FAQ

[2.3] The Shipping and Support Process

Since Everett Kaser runs his business essentially by himself, he has to do
everything.  Besides writing the games, that includes writing documentation,
shipping the games out, and providing technical support.  Below are Everett
Kaser's comments about how he goes about that:

"Disk labels are printed on Avery labels designed specifically for
3 1/2" diskettes.  I used to use a software package from Avery that made it
pretty easy to set up the text and graphics and print the labels, but it
wasn't as flexible as I wanted.  Later I used Microsoft Word, and now, I
just use Microsoft Publisher, which is more flexible but a little more
difficult.  Trade-offs.  Anyway, I use a disk duplicating software package
that stores floppy images on the hard disk, and I just duplicate 15 or 30
disks at a time right in my PC, stick the labels on, and I'm ready to fill
orders.  CDROM duplication is done on an HP CD-Writer Plus drive, with labels
printed using some label printing software that came with the "label
application" kit that I bought.  CDROMs are rapidly becoming my primary
distribution media (thankfully, since the Sampler Disks were up to three in
number and about to grow with each new game introduced!).

"Writing 'tech support' (help screens, in my case) is probably my least
favorite aspect of the development, but it's not bad.  With Windows online
help, you really don't need a printed manual, especially not for games."

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