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The Everett Kaser Software FAQ

[2.2.6] Floyd's Bumpershoot

In 1986, Everett Kaser wrote a game called "Floyd's Bumpershot," named in
honor of a friend who died in a car accident that year.  It was a
defining moment for him, for it marked the beginning of his long-standing
interest in puzzle games.  The original incarnation of the game is much like
the one Everett Kaser Software sells today:  the computer would place about
thirty 45-degree reflectors in a rectangular playing area but not show you
where they were.  You'd have to move your gun around the outside edge, shoot
inside, and see how it reflected -- but each time you fired, the bumper would
flip 90 degrees.

In 1998, when research for this FAQ was being done, Everett Kaser told me
about this game and misremembered the name as "Floyd's Bumpershoot."  The
error went undetected for some months, when Everett started to consider
rewriting the game for Windows, updating the graphics, adding new features,
and putting it into his Everett Kaser Software product line.  When the error
finally was discovered, he liked the new name better and kept it.  This new
version of the game was written in the Fall and Winter of 1998, went through
beta testing through most of January 1999, and was released at the month's end.

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