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Adjusting Your Browser Settings

The quality of your gameplaying experience with the games on The Role-Player's Vault is highly dependent on the behavior of your browser. If your browser is too slow, or renders each page in a distracting manner, there may or may not be something you can do about it.

If your problem is that page loads are too slow, try reading about improving the speed of your game.

If your problem is a distracting flicker between page loads, you may be able to fix that. If you are using Internet Explorer, the solution is to stop using Internet Explorer and use Mozilla Firefox instead. Firefox is simpler, faster, more customizable, and more secure.

Configuring Firefox To Remove the Flicker Between Page Loads

If you are experiencing a distracting blink between moves in the Firefox web browser, follow these steps to eliminate it:

  • Type the URL about:config in your browser.
  • Find the setting for nglayout.initialpaint.delay, by searching the list of settings manually or typing "paint" into the "Filter" box at the top.
  • If you don't find a setting by that name, create one by right-clicking, then choosing New and then Integer. Enter the name nglayout.initialpaint.delay. Set this value to anything -- zero will suffice -- as we'll be adjusting it in the next step anyway.
  • Double-click this setting and raise the value to a higher number. 200 works for my computer. Faster computers can make do with a lower number, while slower computers should have a higher number. One technique you can use for finding the right value for your computer is to set it to something very high (say, 5000, which is five seconds). Test it out. The flicker should be gone, but you don't want to leave it this high. Reduce the setting until the blinking returns, then put it back up a bit. Basically you want this setting to be set to the lowest number that still eliminates the flickering you experience when playing.