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Wizards (1977)



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Ralph Bakshi's animated post-apocalyptic fantasy tale is perfect for masochists. In fact, the sheer volume of pain one feels watching this highly dated, inane travesty just may cure a lot of them, souring their taste for further pain. Most of the "story" parts are told through stills and voice-overs while the animated portions are reserved for unfunny slapstick gags. The animation and sound effects are deplorably "cartoony;" in such a drab, gloomy story (about mutant Nazis setting out to conquer the earth) the gags and cartoonishness simply don't work. When live action is blended in to the picture, as this movie does frequently, the mismatch is merely accentuated. Call me crazy, but when live action clips of Nazis are marching in the background, the toons in the foreground should not be performing belly laugh gags that require accompanying sound effects like "boink." Avoid this bloody, sleep-inducing, nerve-shredding abomination like you would a radioactive toxic waste dump -- but if it came down to a choice between the two, choose the latter. I hope you get a good laugh out of this review, but I'm not laughing. My vicious insults don't even come close to matching the brutal injustices it rendered upon me in its scant 81 minute running time.