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Who Am I? (1998)

(aka: Jackie Chan's Who Am I?)



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During a top secret military operation, a team is betrayed and killed. Jackie Chan escapes but loses his memory of what happened. He wakes up and finds that a tribe of natives have nurse him back to health. They ask his name; he responds, suddenly realizing he doesn't know, "Who am I?" The natives mistake this for his name.

That's the set up to this action packed Jackie Chan film, and frankly it's something of a dull beginning. But it quickly blossoms into one of Chan's most entertaining films. Soon Chan finds himself chased from all quarters by people he doesn't remember. The fight scenes and stunts are daring and fast paced; in particular the climactic fight scene at the end is among the most stunning and exciting in Chan's filmography. The relentless creativity with which Chan uses his environment to his benefit is of particular note. For Chan's fans, Who Am I? is a treat, and it's the perfect choice to introduce newcomers to his work.