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The Tuxedo (2002)



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A cab driver is promised double the meter but then thinks nothing of it when she doesn't pay at all. A woman is concerned about losing a ring, then never mentions it when she has the opportunity to get it back. A new field agent gets angry with her partner, to the point of yelling at him about it, because thugs attack them. A swarm of water striders await the lead of their "queen" (water striders do not have queens). The villain's doomsday plan, already set in motion, is forgotten once he dies.

The Tuxedo is one of the most poorly thought out spy comedies I have ever seen. Jennifer Love Hewitt in particular is absolutely horrible, although it's tough to know how much is her fault and how much is the fault of the writers for one of the worst character arcs and some of the worst dialogue imaginable. I was astonished beyond comprehension during her incessant tirades against Jackie Chan's character, as if it were all his fault that, gosh, the badguys want to fight back. It gets to the point where she stalks away, refusing to work with him. I always thought that if you were a government spy assigned to stop a megalomaniac from killing billions of people, two weeks' notice is considered an absolute minimum.

Jackie Chan is unique and charismatic enough to salvage almost anything. He does not save The Tuxedo. However, it would be dishonest of me not to say that he has a few scenes that had me laughing out loud. If only the bulk of the movie weren't so painfully full of dud jokes and stupidity.