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The Last Hero In China (1993)

(aka: Deadly China Hero)



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The Last Hero In China is a spin-off of the Once Upon a Time In China series, which also stars Jet Li as the legendary Chinese hero Wong Fei-Hung. It's sort of a spoof, actually; though its central story is every bit as sincere as any from the proper series, there is considerable humor, most of which results from the misadventures of Wong Fei-Hung's students. It's pretty lowbrow stuff, and some of it is undermined by the brutality of the villains, but ultimately the film adds up to a nice balance of action and comedy. Fans of Jet Li, or Hong Kong martial arts pictures in general, should check this out, but as the movie drags a bit in the second half and never does anything overly memorable, it is unlikely to appeal to a crossover audience.

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