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The Langoliers (1995)

(aka: Stephen King's The Langoliers)



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This three hour TV movie could have been shortened to 90 minutes if the stars didn't spend so much time looking open-mouthed at the weird happenings they encounter. Even when time is of the essence and their lives hang in the balance, if something fantastic is going on, everybody stops what they're doing and gawks as if time stands still while they aren't actively doing something productive. I've come to the conclusion that Stephen King should be banned from attempting science fiction. His ideas for The Langoliers are intriguing enough for it to be frustrating when his execution of the ideas falls flat on his face. Lapses in logic are commonplace, and no explanation is given for anything that happens. Among the very few redeeming qualities is Bronson Pinchot as a very intense, disturbed airline passenger.