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The Fantastic Four (1994)



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Strange things happen in the corporate world. Unbeknownst to the cast and crew that made this movie, the studio never had any intention of releasing this film. It was made simply to keep the studio's rights to the characters of the popular comic book from expiring.

The studio's lack of concern for the final product shows. The film was made on a budget of a million and a half, a shoestring budget by Hollywood standards for a superhero movie, and the lack of financial support shows in every frame. The set decoration is drab, and the cinematography isn't always even functional.

Beneath the rough edges, however, the story has elements that might have worked in a more effective production. The film briefly explores the psychological ramifications of the four title characters discovering and coping with their newfound powers. It's not enough, but one can see how interesting it might have been if the movie had pushed further in that direction. Alas, the characterizations stop just short of redeeming the film, and we are left to gape agog at how cheesy so much of the dialogue is.