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The Crossing Guard (1995)



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This is a very bad "art" film. If that isn't enough to drive you away, nothing will. So-called art films are good when they're good, but when they're bad, they're worse than, say, cheap slasher flicks , because at least those are worth a couple of laughs at their own expense. Jack Nicholson plays the father of a girl killed by a drunk driver (David Morse). After the incident, he consoles his family by abandoning them and vowing to murder the guy that did it. The opening moments of the film skillfully tell this background story by cutting between shots of disjointed dialogue that takes place at a support group and shots of disjointed dialogue that takes place at a strip club. The rest of the film is a little more comprehensible, which is not necessarily a good thing. People talk to each other a lot, and there are a lot of thoughtful pauses, signaling to the audience that important things are happening. In the final confrontation between Nicholson and Morse, Morse drops his assault rifle at the daunting sight of Nicholson's handgun and runs away at a slow jog. Nicholson jogs after them until they both get tired.