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The Arena (1973)

(aka: Naked Warriors)



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The Arena, also entitled Naked Warriors, is about slaves to the Roman Empire. The Romans have become bored of watching gladiators battle to the death, but when a kitchen fight breaks out between female slaves, somebody gets the idea of putting women into the ring -- which proves to be a popular success. Much talk is made about the depravity of such an activity. Gosh, I'm glad this movie told me that forcing slaves to fight to the death is inhumane.

I wouldn't even bother mentioning the plot of this stupidity of a movie except that it's hypocritical. This is a mean-spirited film, and its intended audience seem to be none other than the same people who, had they lived in Roman times, would be sitting around the arena watching slaves kill each other. This movie dotes on violence and suffering and debasement. In particular, anyone who cheers the fate of the snobbish slave woman (who is inexplicably on the side of her captors) is truly sick.

As the film offers utterly no prospects for entertainment other than unmasked sadism -- it's incompetent even on a technical level -- this mess cannot possibly justify its existence.

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