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Striptease (1996)



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While not as sleazy as the title and hype may suggest, it's every bit the piece of trash it promises to be. The plot is part comedy, part soap opera, and part political intrigue. It succeeds as none of these. Consider the humor. A truckload of sugar falls on the badguys (who, incidentally, all have guns but refuse to fire them), and a goodguy points out a particularly bad "dandruff" problem. Har har har. The soap opera part of it involves a custody battle between Demi Moore and a nasty ex-husband. The majority of that is taken care of even before the opening credits roll. The political drama part suffers from a grossly misplaced sense of reality. A guy so drunk he's barely able to walk is somehow able to overpower a trained government bodyguard with a gun and an axe -- without even the element of surprise working for him. Yeah, ok. Alas, the worst part isn't that the film is stupid, it's that it's just plain boring. Oh, and cut the "Pretentiously Correct" crud out. They are not dancers, they're strippers.