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Rumble In the Bronx (1995)



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In an attempt to bring Jackie Chan to mainstream U.S. audiences, Rumble In the Bronx was chosen to make a theatrical release. It was an odd choice, for many of Chan's other films are superior, yet it was a hit anyway. It's a fun movie -- plenty of action and martial arts, and more than enough to amaze viewers with Chan's acrobatic talents. The over-the-top finale is a disappointment, however, as it runs overlong and fails to provide the satisfaction of nabbing the badguys in the end that is warranted. However, Chan's fans will like it, and there's ample proof that it's good enough to rope in new fans. If you're unfamiliar with Jackie Chan, note that there are no stunt doubles; he does all the stunts himself, and if you stick around for Rumble's credits, you'll see the downside of being able to make that claim.