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Quest For Camelot (1998)

(aka: The Magic Sword: The Quest For Camelot)



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You know how, in many social circles, there's that one guy who is so desperate to be funny that he winds up desperately unfunny? Quest For Camelot is a movie like that. It tries so hard to be funny that, before long, practically every gag backfires into some kind of otherworldly anti-humor. The same kind of desperation seeps into other things it tries to accomplish, too. The villain in this film is similarly desperate to be evil. The filmmakers animate him through every maniacal cliche they can think of, but, alas, not one moment that might convince us he's an actual character. None of these characters ring true, and so none earn our empathy. The most interesting character, strangely enough, is the film's setting, the Forbidden Forest, an amalgam of hazardous vegetation that keeps trying to eat things that come too near. If you have to skip over all the speaking roles to find something creative and fun about a movie, maybe the smarter thing to do would be to skip over the movie in the first place.