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Picking Up the Pieces (2000)



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One of the very last lines of Picking Up the Pieces is, "Is this supposed to be funny?" Good question.

There's a one-liner in the opening scene that's funny, but don't fall for it. It's just a lure. The rest of this movie is so astonishingly, unrelentingly unfunny, it's downright oppressive. I had to brace myself for pretty much the entire running time, to fight against this movie sucking out my intelligence and sanity. I think it was a losing battle. Having emerged from it, I feel like the world at large is a less sensible, less rational, and less pleasant place in which to live. How could this have gone so wrong? I'm pretty sure the script never had any promise in it at all, but how did the final product become so stultifyingly, drool-inducingly, consciousness-unravellingly suffocating? Why was it not merely harmlessly awful?

Perhaps it's best just not to think about it.