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Operation Kid Brother (1967)

(aka: Operation Double 007)



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Following the unprecedented success of the early James Bond films came a slew of imitators, Our Man Flint being one of the best, and Operation Kid Brother being one of the worst. The distinguishing mark of Operation Kid Brother is the cast: it stars Sean Connery's brother Neil in the lead role of "Dr. Connery" and five actors from the Bond series, all of which play similar roles in this movie: Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell (M and Moneypenny in the real series), Adolfo Celi from Thunderball, Anthony Dawson from Dr. No, and Daniela Bianchi from From Russia With Love. Needless to say, there are all sorts of would-be jokes about Dr. Connery's brother.

It's astonishing how bad it is. There is nary a trace of what makes the Bond series coherent, let alone entertaining. Dr. Connery is the blandest hero imaginable, and the plot is indecipherable beneath the forced tour of Bond trademarks -- exotic locales, women, and elaborate badguy hideouts, none of which ever looked so uninspiring.