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Meet Wally Sparks (1997)



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What audience this movie was supposed to have, I do not know. Rodney Dangerfield plays the part of an obnoxious talk show host, and while that may be a fitting bit of casting, who wants to see it? Dangerfield spends the entire movie spouting recycled one-liners and offending dignitaries and, to break up the monotony here and there, falls down. I'll save you the torture and trouble by revealing the best joke. A squirrel crawls up Rodney Dangerfield's pants and BITES HIM! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

A "friend" of mine gave this movie to me. I should have taken him seriously when he told me beforehand that he wanted to kill me. Clearly, tricking me into watching Meet Wally Sparks was an attempt on my life. While it obviously did not wholly succeed, as I am still around to write this review, I'm not so sure some crucial part of my inner being wasn't snuffed out like a candle in the rain. This is possibly the most abrasive movie I have ever seen.