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House of Secrets (1936)



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A man inherits an estate from a rich uncle he never knew he had. But when he goes to visit the place, he's chased off the property by its current occupants. Nobody believes he owns the place, including the police.

Inexplicably, he tries to persuade them by insisting he owns the place and runs off when it doesn't work. Uh. Isn't that what deeds are for? This entire movie, in fact, is about this one guy asking everybody under the sun what's going on, and everybody under the sun replies, "I can't tell you. You don't understand." It gets old fast. Surely even the dumbest of conspirators could come up with a better story. The explanation, when it finally comes, is about as logically unsound as you could possibly imagine. This movie is so far removed from rational behavior that it just cannot hold together as a story.