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Hackers (1995)



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A cliched, shoddy, sloppy mess of a plot made still worse by its laughable portrayal of computers. The screenwriters couldn't possibly have done any research whatsoever on computers or the computer nerd community. It doesn't bother me when screenwriters feel the need to "embellish" on the truth for the sake of the story -- heck, an accurate movie about computers and hackers would be incomprehensible and quite possibly boring. It didn't bother me when one hacker explained to another hacker the speed differences between a Pentium and a P6 (even though what was supposed to be the P6 was really a Macintosh) for the sake of informing the audience, who may not know. But I don't know one hacker who refers their machines by the annoying term "puters" or would respond to a cry of "Hackers of the world, unite!" At the very least, the filmmakers could have spared us the pain of portraying viruses as missiles that one would fire at rival hacker while flying around in a 3D display of the CPU in an attempt to find an incriminating file. (That's right, files are actually stored right there in the CPU's high-speed registers!) If I wanted to stop hackers of this nature, I'd break out to a shell prompt and delete the real-time 3D software -- the guy would be lost if he had to break in to a system without the use of a joystick. Then there's the "unplug the networking cable" ploy that no one ever seems to think of. At any rate, there's just no excuse for this sludge. Fortunately, the unfathomable computer inaccuracies don't ruin what might have otherwise been a good movie -- the story, acting, character development, etc, are all minimal or even non-existant. The plot is no more than the stereotypical villain terrorizing the world, and a ludicrous subplot involves the two leads falling in love with each other (wow, couldn't see that coming!) because they had steamy dreams about each other. Avoid this trash like the plague -- unless you're a technogeek that likes to laugh bitterly at stuff like this.