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End of Days (1999)



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With the large percentage of this country's population that believes in God, it's kind of amazing how movies like this that disparage God are socially acceptable, but movies with convictions of faith are not. End of Days is about how the devil tries to take over the world, apparently having a spectacular chance of succeeding, and how God does nothing to stop him. Time and again in this movie, religious leaders preach that the situation calls for faith inasmuch as they admit, almost in the same breath, that God isn't going to lift a finger to help and humankind is on its own. Huh? So what good is faith, then? How can you put wholehearted trust in someone whom you believe isn't going to come through?

This movie has absolutely nothing to do with Christian doctrines, nor does it make any internal sense. It's also interesting to learn that the Julian calendar is wholly accurate, apparently, and that Eastern Standard Time is the Official Time of Supernatural Beings. And, another thing I learned from this movie: Beware the pee of the devil! It shall bring mass destruction, and there will be much wailing and explosions and gnashing of teeth and stuff blowed up, and then you'll have to outrun the torrents of exploding fire!

I understand this is an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie. These movies aren't supposed to make any sense, right? Well, no. I never bought that. His best action films so far are the two The Terminator movies and True Lies, all with strong stories. The pattern is not a coincidence. Even so, the action in End of Days is mundane, not at all convincing, and is mired down too much by an oppressively dreary atmosphere to be any fun.