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Dragon Hunter (2008)



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Dragon Hunter is another in a wave of low budget fantasy films that scrape together some cheesy CGI and are just so proud of it they forget to tell a story. Basically this movie is just a lot of running around and arguing in the woods. When they aren't running around, they're drawing out flat emotional moments with somber dialogue about bravery and fear and trust.

Actually, they don't even get the CGI right. Consider the scene where a supposed wizard impresses a crowd by firing a blaze of fiery light in the air from his hand. The camera never actually shows it. There's a dragon, but it's only seen in snatches here and there, except at the end when it looks so mechanical you'd swear it was a machine. Admittedly, many fantasy movies get too hung up on the special effects. No danger of that here.

The cinematography compensates for the cheesy action scenes in all the wrong ways. In all the fight scenes, the camera basically just oscillates back and forth really fast, presumably to disguise the dumb choreography.

The dialogue is clunky, too, and some of it doesn't make any sense. For example, when a band of people attacks another, the explanation is that they "mistook you for a mutual enemy," saying that sometimes humans will ally themselves with orcs. I don't think "mutual enemy" means what he thinks it means.

I like this exchange, too:

"Let's go over it again."
"All right."
"How is it it won't be able to see us?"
"Daylight. Their eyes are made for daylight."

What didn't the guy understand the first time they had this conversation?