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Domestic Disturbance (2001)



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Maybe my reaction to Domestic Disturbance is a little skewed from having seen so many movies, but I don't think it's skewed much. I've seen a lot of movies that switch on auto-pilot and navigate blindly through established cliches, but off-hand I cannot recall another that is so utterly devoid of original ideas or even original spins on old ones.

What is here is mostly not bad. The acting is pretty good, and there are decent if uninspired production values. But there is not one thing here that hasn't been done before and better. Even the most casual of filmgoers will, I'm sure, be able to anticipate the entire story arc almost from the beginning. If not, at least nothing will surprise.

Predictability is the kiss of death for thrillers. Everything about this film is inevitable. The characters are locked into their fates. When the climax finally comes, it would be a relief, except that it's so illogical and inappropriately violent that it's more noisy than suspenseful.