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City Hunter (1992)



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It's not often Jackie Chan goes wrong, but he certainly does here, in this cartoony comedy (cartoony right down to the loony cartoon sound effects) about a playboy action hero. City Hunter is closer to the Zucker Brothers than Chan's usual, yet somehow his casting seems appropriate: Chan excels at playing action heroes in movies that mock action heroes; one of his greatest strengths is his ability to poke fun at himself. But alas, it's not enough. The movie is hopelessly marred by one tiring series of gags that don't work after another; a scene in which Chan becomes a video game character is the worst. When the inevitable climactic fight scene puts a fantastically funny and impressive close to the mayhem, it's too late. Until then, groans and the occasional smile were all the movie could elicit in all its frenetic, overzealous efforts to draw outright laughter.