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Bullseye! (1990)



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The pairing of Michael Caine and Roger Moore in a madcap comedy should have been a real gem. How on earth could it have gone so wrong? The film opens with a small degree of promise, but it quickly fades. While the stars' performances are all right, they are let down at every turn. The direction is extremely confused and poorly paced. The dialogue falls flat as a pancake. Even the lighting and makeup makes them look silly.

The jokes come fast and furious, but it's appalling how unfunny they are. Some of the worst jokes are even recurring ones, such as a gag in which every time an innocent bystander is conked on the head, her husband offers to buy the conker a drink. Har dee har. With all the jokes flying around, I think I chuckled maybe two or three times -- no outright laughs -- and though I watched the film only last night, I can't recall anything I found the least bit funny. Even a cameo by John Cleese, right at the end, is botched, and it's pretty hard for Cleese not to be funny.