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An American In Paris (1951)



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Gene Kelly's other masterpiece (the second being Singin' In the Rain, made a year later). Marketing for the film boasted that never before had a full-length movie been made as a set up for the eighteen minute ballet choreographed by Kelly himself. While the ballet (not a ballet in the traditional sense, but one of Kelly's captivating surreal modern dance sequences) is indeed spectacular, the statement is a bit unfair, for the film is brilliant from start to finish. The plot is nothing new, but this is a more minor flaw than it would be in other films. Classic Gershwin tunes get the royal treatment, and Kelly's dancing is in top form, as is that of co-star Leslie Caron whose acting talent is more than made up for by her stunning ability to match Gene Kelly's elaborate steps with apparent ease. This is required viewing for musical fans or classic movie buffs.