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Generally, we do not post ultra-condensations submitted by readers. The reason is simple. If we post an ultra-condensation written by a reader, it deprives us the opportunity of doing it ourselves someday. Pleasure of process is one of the two biggest rewards of maintaining this site (the other is hearing from pleased readers), and we don't want to crimp our returns in that area on purpose. We hope you understand.

That said, if we receive an ultra-condensation from a reader that we felt was outstanding and was for a movie neither one of us were planning to see in the near future, we'd make an exception.

At any rate, for the above reasons, we don't encourage readers to send us their own condensed movies. However, if in light of this you'd still like to submit your work, we would be happy to read and consider it. We enjoy reader submissions -- we just want to make sure readers understand our terms for submissions before they go to the trouble of doing the work. Thanks!

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