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Frankly, we are surprised that the bulk of the responses we've received from our readers has been positive. We figured this page would be too unconventional for most readers and that a select few would find it hilarious while the rest would simply shake their heads in bewilderment. We are floored by the number of people who find the site funny. But there are some people who don't. And that's fine. And we still invite you to send us your feedback. But if you are going to flame us, please read this first -- if your objections stem from a simple misunderstanding, this will hopefully clear it up.

Before You Flame Us...

...for not providing serious summaries:

This site is intended to be humorous. It is not a sincere attempt to substitute full-length feature films, good or bad, with five lines of written dialogue. The very presumption that five lines of dialogue would be a sufficient substitute is intended to be humorous. The execution of this presumption is intended to be humorous. Please do not send us mail saying that we are shallow for pursuing this sincerely, because we aren't.

...for disparaging fine films:

In truth, we enjoy and respect a lot of the movies lampooned at this site. Our intent is lighthearted, self-mocking parody, not legitimate cinematic desecration. Please don't send us mail saying we're curmudgeonly and don't know how to enjoy ourselves.

...for not being funny:

Everyone's sense of humor is different. And the humor at this site is particularly unconventional, which means some people are going to like it and others aren't. As mentioned before, we are quite surprised at the number of people who have found our site even remotely funny -- and it doesn't surprise at all that there are people out there who don't. We realize this. So except in constructively critical letters, please don't send us mail saying our site is "not funny" or "useless." Even if it's "not funny" and "useless" to you, this isn't the case with everyone.

In Closing:

If the above does not address your concerns, or your criticism is constructive, please don't hesitate to tell us about it.

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