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[3.2.2] Working titles of Everett Kaser Software games

Sometimes, over the course of a game's development, the game's title can
change, once, twice, or more.  Here is a list of some of Everett Kaser
Software's games and their former titles.

 Official Title                                                 Working Title
 --------------                                                 -------------
}Honeycomb Hotel                                                    Honeycomb *
 Floyd's Bumpershoot                                       Floyd's Bumpershot *
 Descartes Enigma                                                         PBN *
 MESH: Hero's Hearts                                          MESH: Hero Gold
 Sherlock                                                              Loginx
 Snarf                                                                 Beezle

}* - "Honeycomb" was only the working title for "Honeycomb Hotel" in the very
}    early stages of the game's development.
   - "Floyd's Bumpershot" was the title of an early 1986 ASCII incarnation of
     the game.  When recalling it, Everett Kaser misremembered the name, then
     decided he liked the remembered title better than the real one.
   - "PBN," which stands for "Paint By Number," was never intended to be the
     final title for the game.  Also, the game was jokingly referred to as
     "Grasshoppers Anonymous" during part of its development.  See the section
     on the history of Descartes Enigma for further details.

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