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The Everett Kaser Software FAQ

[3.1.1] What games are currently available from Everett Kaser Software?

A list of Everett Kaser Software games follows.  The filename given is the
file on the Internet which contains the shareware version of each game.

The price given is the cost of the registered version of the game.  The "Ver"
field contains the latest version number of the game.  "OS" is either DOS or
Windows.  The "Size" field is approximate and refers to the shareware version.
All games are available on both 3 1/2" disks and CDs, so when you order, be
sure to specify which you would like your games to be shipped on.

 Name                         Size Genre        Filename     Price  Ver  OS
 ----                         ---- -----        --------     -----  ---  --
}Honeycomb Hotel              470k Logic  $19.95 1.0a W
 Floyd's Bumpershoot          400k Logic       $19.95 1.0  W
 Descartes Enigma             402k Grid/Logic       $19.95 1.0a W
 MESH: Hero Defiant           675k Grid   $19.95 1.1c W
 MESH: Hero's Hearts          605k Grid   $19.95 1.1c W
 Dinner With Moriarty         550k Logic $19.95 1.1a W
}Solitile for Windows         450k Tile   $19.95 4.5a W
 Sherlock for Windows         400k Logic  $19.95 3.4  W
 Hero                         126k Grid     $20.00 1.5  D *
 Kosynka                       63k Card  $15.00 1.1  D
 Sherlock                     122k Logic $15.00 2.07 D
 Snarf                         55k Action    $15.00 2.61 D
 Solitile                     216k Tile $15.00 3.6  D

 * - The shareware version of Hero for DOS is called "Hero's Hearts."
     The registered version is called "Hero Gold."

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