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The Everett Kaser Software FAQ

[2.2.1] Snarf

Everett Kaser wrote the first version of Snarf in January 1988 during a
week's vacation from his day job at Hewlett-Packard.  The initial version
was never quite polished, but it was done enough to play, and he released
the game -- along with its source code -- as freeware on the Internet
and BBS's.  Later, in 1990, he decided to rewrite the game from scratch,
having learned much more about writing games since the previous version.
Better care was taken with the final product, and the end result was a lot
cleaner.  This was released in October 1990 as shareware.

Unlike the first, this second version of Snarf bore the "Everett Kaser
Software" label.  However, Solitile was released under that name the year
before, so while Snarf was written first, it was technically the second
game from Everett Kaser Software.

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