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The Everett Kaser Software FAQ

[1.2] About This FAQ

This FAQ is the official FAQ of Everett Kaser Software.  It is copyrighted
(see above) by Samuel Stoddard.  While it is authorized and "officialized"
by Everett Kaser Software, it is not the property nor the work of Everett Kaser
Software.  However, Everett Kaser has contributed greatly and generously to
its creation and growth, and his efforts are sincerely appreciated.

There is an HTML version of this FAQ, produced by me through my web site
production organization, RinkWorks, whose home page is available at  It contains exactly the same information
as the text based version but looks prettier and is easier to navigate.  It
is available at

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      [1.2.1] Obtaining the latest version of the FAQ


      [1.2.1] Obtaining the latest version of the FAQ  New! [1.2.2] Revision history

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